Click here for the 2019 program.

Travel Series Dates for 2019: Sunday 26/5, 9/6, 14/7, 11/8, 8/9 12/10.

Anzac Day: Medley stableford competition.

Ladies Club Championships. May 2, 6 and 9.

Ladies Pennants: Monday 20th May 2019 Hosting Womens Golf Illawarra Pennants. Course closed till 10.30am.

Men's Championships: May 25th, 26th & 1st June

Ladies Veterans Championships: 6th & 13th June.

Golden Tee & draw for the winner of the 2018/19 Travel Series Voucher:

Sunday 12th October. 2019.

Legends Pro-Am: Sunday 13th October

Ladies Open: Thursday 17th October

Green Day Out: Friday 29th November