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Juniors playing in open competitions.

Whilst we wish to encourage all juniors to play in competitions at our club,
we have strict rules to ensure every player can enjoy the game.
Rules of the policy for Juniors playing in open competitions - click here

Kid's Golf &
Gerringong Junior Golf Program

Junior Program Registration Form - click here


The Aim


The aim of the Gerringong Junior Golf Program is to give children of all ages a pathway to becoming a golfer. Whether it be a once a year player, social player, club player or professional, this program teaches children the fundamentals of the game. It also gives children the understanding of rules, ethics and fair play. 


Ethics of the Game


Golf is one of the only sports where you can call a penalty on yourself. Teaching young children the importance of good ethics and fair play will give them a great stepping stone into their early lives. I teach kids the value of being honest and the respect they will get from their peers as they grow older. 
It is very important to also teach our young golfers about frustration control. We all get frustrated on the golf course, I will teach the children how to laugh and enjoy themselves when golf things don’t go well out on the course.


The Program


This program is designed to allow children as young as 4 years of age, the opportunity to learn the game of golf from a PGA Professional. Each section of the program is designed to let the kids have fun and learn the game of Golf. All of the juniors will be put into different levels/classes depending on their age and skill level. For the juniors to move up a level they will need to pass the playing test.
At the conclusion of each day, there will be a small presentation of prizes and the winning kids will be encouraged to make speeches.

Ages 4-7

  • An introduction to golf, the golf course and the rules of golf.

  • Fun games using junior golf clubs, golf balls & tennis balls.


Ages 8-12

  • Learning more advanced rules & ethics.

  • Technical coaching, games and on course playing.



Playing holes from the 25 metre Pink Tees. 



Playing holes from the 50 metre Orange Tees. 



Playing holes from the 75 metre Red Tees. 



Playing holes from the 100 metre Yellow Tees.



Junior Club Members


To become a full playing junior member of Gerringong Golf Club with a handicap, juniors will need to be able to negotiate 4 sections of the Junior Program. 

Every junior will start as a Turtle and progress as they improve. To be able to progress to the next stage, the kids will need to be able to have a score equal to par or better for a minimum of 5 holes. The normal par on each hole of the course will stay the same.

  • Continued coaching and development.

  • Playing 18 holes and getting a GA handicap.

  • Playing in member competitions.

  • Junior Pennant representative opportunities.

  • Junior golf tournaments.

Child Safeguarding Policy and Working With Children Check

Gerringong Golf Club, Golf NSW and Golf Australia are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who participate in golf and access our golf services.  

It is essential that all people in charge of children or young people whilst on club property, agree to, and abide by,

our Junior Golf Program - Code of Conduct, Golf Australia's Child Safeguarding Policy and also provide a Working With Children Check showing clearance.

Here is the link for the Gerringong Golf Club Junior Golf Program - Code of Conduct document- Click Here

Here is the link for the Golf Australia's Child Safeguarding Policy- Click Here

The Working With Children Check is a simple procedure that is free of charge for volunteers. Information can be found on the Service NSW site.  Click Here

Terms, Days & Times

There are four school terms and therefore 4 coaching terms. Each coaching term runs for approximately 8-10 weeks. 
Coaching will be on a Tuesday afternoon.
There are 2 programs run in the afternoon. 

Program 1 
8-12 year olds & advanced younger golfers

3.30pm – 5.30pm
45 minutes of coaching & skills challengers 
7 holes of golf (depending on time and light)


Program 2
4-7 year olds

4.30pm – 5.30pm

60 minutes of fun games & skills tests


$100.00 per term or $20.00 per session.

Active Kids Vouchers welcomed.



Shane Cochrane (Club Professional)

Proshop: 02 4234 3333

Mobile: 0422 742 763


Junior Program Registration Form - click here

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